Free Fire Weapons: 3 best Evo guns in November 2021

Free Fire 3 best Evo guns

best 3 Evo Weapons in free fire in this Month November 2021, thats what i'm going to share with you in this article.

Garena Free Fire's Evo gun skins are one of the game's most unmistakable components. These are basically redesigned skins and players might even out them up to get to a scope of advantages, like further developed measurements and terminating impacts. 

The first of them was acquainted with the fight royale game barely a year prior. From that point forward, designers have consistently refreshed the rundown with various more.

Following hypothesis, one more Evo gun skin will be added to Free Fire because of the Booyah Day occasion before very long.

3 best Evo weapons in free fire

1. AK - Blue Flame Draco

AK - Blue Flame Draco is presumably the best skin in Free Fire. The appeal for it demonstrates its value. The skin was as of late once again introduced to the Indian server through the Faded Wheel a couple of days prior. 

The Evo gun skin was one of the first to be acquainted with Free Fire and at first showed up in October 2020. To open the advantages, the Dragon Scale tokens should be used by clients.

AK Blue Flame Draco Details

  • .Damage: +1.
  • Movement Speed: -1.
  • Rate of Fire: +2.

AK Normal Details

  • Damage: 61.
  • Range: 42.
  • Magazine: 30.
  • Movement Speed: 62.
  • Rate Of Fire: 56.
  • Reload Speed: 41.
  • Accuracy: 41.
  • Armor penetration: 0.

2. SCAR - Megalodon Alpha

SCAR is an AR Weapon and the SCAR - Megalodon Alpha is perhaps the best skin accessible for the gun, close by Cupid SCAR and Ultimate Titan SCAR. The one-of-a-kind look of the skin is really alluring. 

Garena added this longer than a month prior to the Predatory Cobra, i.e., in January 2020. This time around, utilizing the Shark Tooth (Scar) tokens, the skin can be redesigned.

SCAR - Megalodon Alpha Details

  • Damage: +1.
  • Reload Speed: -1.
  • Rate of Fire: +2.

Scar Normal Details

  • Damage: 53.
  • Range: 60.
  • Magazine: 30.
  • Movement Speed: 62.
  • Rate Of Fire: 61.
  • Reload Speed: 41.
  • Accuracy: 42.
  • Armor penetration: 0.

3. MP40 - Predatory Cobra

MP40 is  an SMG Weapon, He is Wamong the most utilized firearms in Garena Free Fire. Thusly, the Evo skin for the weapon has turned into a fan top pick. It was at first presented in February this year. 

To update it, players should utilize Venomous Fang (MP40) tokens. At the greatest level.

MP40 - Predatory Cobra Details

  • Damage: +1.
  • Reload Speed: -1.
  • Rate of Fire: +2.

- All shotguns in free fire.

MP40 Normal Details

  • Damage: 48.
  • Range: 22.
  • Magazine: 20.
  • Movement Speed: 63.
  • Rate Of Fire: 83.
  • Reload Speed: 48.
  • Accuracy: 17.
  • Armor penetration: 0.

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