List Of All SMG Guns In Free Fire in 2024

In this article, we would rattle off all SMG weapons in Free Fire, and point out which one of them is awesome. There are 2 principle weapon openings in Free Fire - getting an SMG to use as optional is anything but an ill-conceived notion by any means.

List Of All SMG Guns In Free Fire in 2024
 List Of All SMG Guns In Free Fire

Free Fire All SMG Guns 

furthermore, in case you are acceptable at splashing, they may even be more viable than ARs in short proximity.

While not close to as adaptable as possible ARs, SMGs can bargain a ton of damage on the off chance that you realize how to utilize them. Look at this rundown of all SMG Weapons in Free Fire, to discover more.

Free Fire has a lovely strong weapon framework, with a ton of firearms that other fight royales don't have. Nonetheless, individuals ordinarily don't utilize everything - they typically center around the AR class, as they are the most flexible. Different weapons like SMGs or Shotguns are regularly dismissed. 

1. UMP

The UMP is presumably awesome and the most damaging SMG in the game, it is the main weapon in this class with the capacity to enter covering. With 63 focuses on protection entrance, the UMP can basically disregard 2/3 of foes' vest and cap's damage decrease. 

If you figure out how to find a UMP, stay with it and track down some more connections if conceivable - a foregrip is suggested, as it would extraordinarily support lessening its arbitrary projectile spread.

The UMP additionally has the most elevated reload speed and speed in the class also development. all free fire Elite Passes.

  • Damage: 50.
  • Rate Of Fire: 74.
  • Range: 37.
  • Reload Speed: 77.
  • Magazine: 48.
  • Accuracy: 43.
  • Movement Speed: 79.
  • Armor Penetration: 67.

2. MP5 

The MP5 Weapon, is a spending plan rendition of the UMP - without the covering infiltration and high development speed. Be that as it may, its reload speed + terminating speed combo is still lovely strong.

what's more, the MP5 doesn't really require a foregrip, in contrast to the UMP, as its base exactness is now sufficiently high. 

A gag may likewise be really valuable - the Mp5 has the most noteworthy reach among weapons in a similar job at 41.

furthermore, supporting it considerably further is certainly not an ill-conceived notion. top 10 characters for Ranked Mode.

  • Damage: 48.
  • Rate Of Fire: 76.
  • Range: 41.
  • Reload Speed: 77.
  • Magazine: 48.
  • Accuracy: 54.
  • Movement Speed: 66.
  • Armor Penetration: 0.

3. MP40 

The MP40 Gun, is the outrageous finish of the SMG class - it has the most elevated discharge pace of any weapon in Free Fire... in return for one of the most minimal successful reaches in the game. 

Utilizing this firearm, you can release an exceptionally fast eruption of DPS at a nearby adversary. 

Due to its crazy damage, many individuals like the MP40. In case you are utilizing it, attempt to get a weapon stock and an additional a magazine to further develop its spam capacity much further.

  • Damage: 48.
  • Rate Of Fire: 83.
  • Range: 22.
  • Reload Speed: 48.
  • Magazine: 20.
  • Accuracy: 17.
  • Movement Speed: 63.
  • Armor Penetration: 0.

4. P90 

The P90 gun in free fire, is most likely the most fragile weapon in the SMG class - it doesn't have protection entrance or reload speed or reach... anything the P90 could do, different weapons could improve. By and large, you could think of it as a halfway decision between the MP5 and the MP40.

at the point when you wanted with regards to a similar degree of damage as the mp5 however at a somewhat higher reach. 

  • Damage: 49.
  • Rate Of Fire: 76.
  • Range: 27.
  • Reload Speed: 48.
  • Magazine: 50.
  • Accuracy: 44.
  • Movement Speed: 63.
  • Armor Penetration: 0.

5. VSS

The most extraordinary weapon in this class - in different games, it is really viewed as a rifleman rifle or attack rifle. The VSS's principle includes is the capacity to kill from a remote place - it comes outfitted with its own extension directly from the beginning.

furthermore, with 82 territories, it could kill just as any AR. 

The VSS's damage detail is fairly missing, in any case - it has just 54, maybe low for something with less over normal fire rate. 

This is the reason individuals ordinarily need to get a genuine rifleman rifle like the M14 and simply avoid this. 

  • Damage: 54.
  • Rate Of Fire: 48.
  • Range: 82.
  • Reload Speed: 55.
  • Magazine: 15.
  • Accuracy: 73.
  • Movement Speed: 59.
  • Armor Penetration: 0.

6. Thompson

In the event that you have played Clash Squad, you ought to be really acquainted with the Thompson. Generally, this weapon is at about a similar situation as the P90 was - the halfway decision between the MP5 and MP40.

Be that as it may, with the capacity to prepare a foregrip and gag, the Thompson has a lot higher reach and better solidness.

  • Damage: 50.
  • Rate Of Fire: 77.
  • Range: 33.
  • Reload Speed: 48.
  • Magazine: 42.
  • Accuracy: 42.
  • Movement Speed: 64.
  • Armor Penetration: 0.

7. Victor

The Vector is the principal Akimbo weapon in Free Fire, it has a short compelling reach, yet wrecking power in short proximity. "Akimbo"  Players can hold one Vector in each hand.

  • Damage: 47.
  • Rate Of Fire: 81.
  • Range: 32.
  • Reload Speed: 41.
  • Magazine: 25.
  • Accuracy: 61.
  • Movement Speed: 69.
  • Armor Penetration: 0.

8. CG15

A lovely uncommon weapon in the SMG class - the CG 15 is a "long reach SMG" that can do all around well in medium reach because of its expanded exactness. 

This firearm could nearly be arranged as an attack rifle. 

The CG15 is really an anecdotal super-advanced weapon - there is no genuine likeness to it... furthermore, hence, it can do some lovely strange stunt. Utilizing its unique capacity.

CG15 weapon, players can charge for a couple of moments and discharge a high damaged slug. A drawn-out magazine is required when utilizing the CG14, as its greatest magazine size is tiny, at just 20.

  • Damage: 50.
  • Rate Of Fire: 69.
  • Range: 71.
  • Reload Speed: 62.
  • Magazine: 20.
  • Accuracy: 60.
  • Movement Speed: 63.
  • Armor Penetration: 0.

Finally, I hope you like this article. and see you with new topic.


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