free fire best 5 rarest items like Green Criminal Bundle in 2021

free fire best 5 rarest items like Green Criminal Bundle in 2021

in this article i'm going to share with you 5 the best rarest items in free fire like Green Criminal Bundle in 2021.

5 rarest Free Fire items like Green Criminal Bundle

The developers of Free Fire are constantly upgrading the game with new cosmetic items. Users can receive all of these items through a variety of methods, like events, luck royale, and etc.

The Green Criminal Bundle is one of the most profoundly desired restorative things in Free Fire, and it has started a great deal of discussion.

The Raider Spin event heralded the return of the distinctive costume to the fast-paced battle royale title as part of the 4th anniversary celebrations.

1. Hip Hop Bundle

The Hip Hop bundle comes in first place and is one of the game's most amazing costumes. One of the reasons it's so hard to come by is that it was first added to Free Fire as part of the Season 2 Elite Pass.

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2. Flowers of Love (Emote)

Flower of Love is the most coveted and rarest emote in Free Fire. This unique emote was previously only available as part of Valentine's Day-themed top-up event rewards. Furthermore, it has not yet been revived in this game. 

Beginners in Free Fire 2021 will not be able to obtain this rare Emote. When you activate this Emote, your character will kneel on his right knee and hand a rose to another player.

3. Blue Flame Draco AK Skin

Due to its fantastic effects, Blue Flame Draco is one of the most popular weapon skins in Free Fire. This Evo skin was recently available as part of the Faded Wheel battle royale event.

You can use Dragon Scale tokens to improve this pistol skin for a better aesthetic and more special effects after you earn it.

4. Blue Dino

The Blue Dino costume pack is widely regarded as one of the most hardest to obtain in Free Fire.. It has a large following in the game's community, and many players want to get their hands on it.

It was originally made available through the Incubator, where users had to swap a certain quantity of tokens. Unlike the other costume sets, this one must be purchased as a whole set.

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5. Gloo Ramp

In Garena Free Fire 2021, Gloo Ramp is the rarest Gloo Wall skin. It's extremely difficult to get, yet people are still attempting to gain this one-of-a-kind skin. It differs from the other existing Gloo Walls in Free Fire since it may now be climbed over.

free fire best 5 rarest items like Green Criminal Bundle in 2021

In this game, however, Gloo Ramp can only cover a lesser area than standard Gloo walls. As a result, you must use it prudently.

These are is the five best rare things in Free fire that like a Green Criminal Skine. of course There's  other  rarest itemss. But that's the best in my opinion.


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