Top 10 Characters in free fire for Ranked Mode in 2021

best 10 free fire Characters for Ranked Mode in 2021

If you're wondering for Which character is best in free fire for ranked? you are in the right article . 

becouse In this topic I'm going to share with you, best 10 free fire characters for Ranked in 2021 after last update. 

Free Fire, has become one of the main titles in the fight royale classification. with HD quality illustrations and vivid elements, players get a definitive gaming experience. 

Ranked mode offers more seriousness and furthermore assists players with upgrading their in general range of abilities. 

The game likewise offers different characters with fascinating abilities. With more than 40 characters, it very well may be hard for players to pick the most ideal choice for themselves. 

best free fire character for ranked in 2021

1- DJ Alok 

DJ Alok is one of the most pursued characters in Free Fire. His Drop the Beat expertise comes in extremely convenient in ranked mode matches. 

With this ability, players can make a 5m atmosphere that reestablishes 5HP/sec. At its underlying redesign level, the ability accompanies a general length of five seconds. 

Alongside wellbeing rebuilding, the expertise likewise assists with further developing partner development speed by 10%. alok is one of the best  free fire best character 2021

2- k- kashmr

K or kashmr in free fire, is a jiu-jitsu specialist and he claims a functioning capacity named Master of All. This ability gives 50 EP to Free Fire players.

Additionally, partners remaining in his 6-meter emanation can have a 500% lift in EP transformation rate in jiu-jitsu mode. 

Another motivation behind why he is one of the most mind-blowing Free Fire characters for the Ranked mode is that like clockwork, he can acquire 2 EP. 

In mental mode, the EP number can be up to 100. There is a 3-second cooldown period after the mode change. 

Additionally, his capacity will increment once he step up. This character is useful to both inactive and forceful players particularly in the skirmishes of Ranked crew mode.

3- Chrono 

The subsequent character appropriate for ranked mode is Chrono. Chrono's character is roused by popular games character Cristiano Ronaldo. His expertise is called Time Turner and is a functioning capacity. 

This ability permits the client to make a power field that can shut out up to 600 HP harm. At its underlying update level, the expertise's belongings keep going for three seconds, and development speed is likewise expanded by 5%. 

- top 10 character for combination sith chrono.

4- A124 

A124 is additionally a critical character for players who play more matches in ranked mode. She is an automated sort looking character, and her expertise is called Thrill of Battle. 

The capacity is fit for changing over some piece of EP into HP. At its underlying redesign level, the player can change over 25 EPs to HP. This additional HP support is extremely useful in ranked mode matches. 


The monkey ruler seems as though an individual. It has an exceptional endurance capacity "Cover" which transforms him into a shrubbery.

The capacity can be moved up as far as possible degree of 6 where it will go into a Bush for 15 sec. While the capacity cooldown is intended for 200 seconds. 

The capacity gets empowered on arriving at level 1 which permits him to transform into a Bush for 10 sec with a 300-sec cooldown.

Shooting the weapon will drop Camouflage's impact and bringing down a foe will reset the cooldown. It is perhaps the most helpful characters in short proximity fight.

6- CLU

The 24-year-old, Clu, filters her adversaries completely. Filled in a suburb of a huge city, her folks never needed to stress over the rudiments of life because of her capacities. 

Clu free fire, becomes acquainted with about the risk way early. She turned into an investigator analyst in anticipation of discovering her father and reveal the subtleties of his vanishing in the conflict. 

She is perhaps the best character utilized in a help job. With her essence in the crew, the partners knew the area of their adversaries. Which assists them to bring down the adversaries effortlessly. 

7- Kelly 

Kelly's character has an aloof ability called Dash in Free Fire. The capacity further develops the player's running rate by 1%. In any case, to actuate the ability, 

the player needs to run for four seconds. At its underlying redesign level, the ability has a complete length of five seconds. At the point when the ability is utilized, the primary shot onto a foe player bargains 101% harm.

8- Shirou

As indicated by Shirou's in-game depiction, he is the quickest conveyance fellow around. Moreover, his capacity is named "Damage Delivered". 

This is likewise a two-dimensional capacity with adversary following and harm mixed into one. 

Shirou's capacity will check the rival who hits the player with 80m for 6 seconds The initially shot discharged against the foe bargains an extra half reward protective layer infiltration.

9- Dimitri 

Players who lean toward ranked mode matches can likewise prepare Dimitri. His expertise is called Healing Heartbeat. 

The expertise assists players with framing a 3.5m recuperating zone. Inside the zone, players can reestablish 3HP/sec. 

The span is 10 seconds at level 1, which is extremely great. It accompanies a cooldown time of 85 seconds. 

10- Steffie

According to her in-game depiction, Steffie is an ace spray painting craftsman who has a functioning capacity called Painted Refuge. 

At her underlying level 1 capacity, Steffie can make spray painting that lessens unstable harm by 15% and shot harm by 5% for five seconds.

 The CD goes on for around 45 seconds, and the impacts don't stack. Steffie is an extraordinary person for latent players in Ranked mode matches.


these are top 10 free fire characters and their abilities, you can play with in a ranked mode to collect points and reach the Heroic and Grand Master.


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