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Free Fire Weapons List Of All Shotguns in 2021

List of All Shotguns in Free Fire in 2021

in this Article, I'm going to share with you a list of all free fire shotguns in 2021, after the new update OB30. Free Fire Weapons are all shotguns, these are all Smg Guns in free fire.

Shotguns are the most ideal decision for short proximity battles. You can in a real sense two-shot anybody holding you up. Look at these three accessible shotguns in Garena Free Fire. 

A decent weapon assortment is the foundation of any extraordinary shooting match-up. The amount and nature of the accessible weapons can say a lot about the designers' ability. 

Garena Free Fire, is as of now one of the world's heads Battle Royale titles. Obviously, you can hope to find a wide range of weapon classes in the game

Today, we will investigate the three playable shotguns in Free Fire. the most remarkable class for short proximity battles. 

There are many motivations behind why you ought to consistently convey a shotgun. The facts confirm that they don't hold a huge limit, however, each shot packs a significant punch. 

The check projectile promises you speedy dispense with off any foes remaining in short proximity. In addition, shotguns will not negatively affect your stock as they utilize not many projectiles. 

Also, you can track down these "a single shot marvels" anyplace across every one of the guides. All things considered, look at these three shotguns at present accessible in Free Fire.

free fire all shotungs 

List of All Shotguns in Free Fire in 2021
free fire shotguns

1. SPAS12

The SPAS12 Weapon, is a solitary fired shotgun that bargains huge damage to nearby adversaries. Be that as it may, in case you're curious about this weapon, you will miss a great deal, particularly with quick foes. 

The weapon possesses a huge extendable magazine that can be advantageous in delayed battles.

  • Damage: 97.
  • Range: 16.
  • Magazine: 5.
  • Movement Speed: 60.
  • Rate Of Fire: 42.
  • Reload Speed: 34.
  • Accuracy: 10.
  • Armor penetration: 0.

2. M1014

M1014 Shotgun, is a very adjusted shotgun in Garena Free Fire. It's really simple to utilize, ideal for amateurs who need a single shot short proximity adversaries. 

The weapons contain six shells at max, so ensure each shot counts. All things considered, it's a nice pickup in the beginning phases of the game. 

List of All Shotguns in Free Fire in 2021
free fire M1014

  • Damage: 94.
  • Range: 10.
  • Magazine: 6.
  • Movement Speed: 60.
  • Rate Of Fire: 39.
  • Reload Speed: 20.
  • Accuracy: 10.
  • Armor penetration: 0.

3. M1887 

The twofold barreled M1887 is maybe the most ideal decision in the shotgun class. It has an incredible damage detail of 100 and discharges two shells for every reload. It energizes super rapidly to give you an edge mid-battle.

In addition, the M1887 can likewise infiltrate protection, making it suitable even in the later phases of the game when shotguns will in general tumble off.

  • Damage: 100.
  • Range: 21.
  • Magazine: 2.
  • Movement Speed: 62.
  • Rate Of Fire: 42.
  • Reload Speed: 55.
  • Accuracy: 10.
  • Armor penetration: 54.

4. M1873

The M1873 shotgun is otherwise called "pocket shotgun or Mini shotgun". It implies the weapon is lightweight and you can convey its shot even in the level 1 sack pack. 

The elements of the shotgun are not really great. It works comparably to a large portion of the current shotguns in the game. 

M1873 is a Pistol With SG Ammo. M1873 is for the most part depicted as a Shotgun as a result of his short proximity highlights. 

The absolute shoot pace of the weapon is only 35. Nonetheless, it is known for its high harm and precision.

List of All Shotguns in Free Fire in 2021
free fire m1873

  • Damage: 94.
  • Range: 8.
  • Magazine: 2.
  • Movement Speed: 75.
  • Rate Of Fire: 35.
  • Reload Speed: 41.
  • Accuracy: 10.
  • Armor penetration: 0.

5. MAG-7

This shotgun is the Last shotgun weapon added to free fire. Seeing this current gun status, it's not normal for most different shotguns in the game. 

The Mag-7's adaptability is more noteworthy than most different shotguns. Notwithstanding, when the objective is in excess of 5 meters away.

 it's not exceptionally compelling since the weapon is generally powerful over short proximities.

List of All Shotguns in Free Fire in 2021
free fire mag-7

  • Damage: 89.
  • Range: 15.
  • Magazine: 8.
  • Movement Speed: 60.
  • Rate Of Fire: 53.
  • Reload Speed: 55.
  • Accuracy: 17.
  • Armor penetration: 0.