The most powerful headshot settings in Free Fire in 2024

In this article, I present to you the most powerful headshot settings in Free Fire as of 2024 after the latest update. The headshot settings for Free Fire are applicable to all phones.

The most powerful headshot settings in Free Fire in 2024
headshot settings in Free Fire

The Most Powerful Headshot Settings in Free Fire for 2024

With each new update to the Free Fire game, various changes are implemented. One of the crucial aspects that Garena constantly addresses is the prevention of players having an advantage like a hacker.

In addition to this, changes in weapon levels also impact the weapon and headshot mechanics. However, with confidence, I can affirm that the Free Fire headshot settings, which I will now share with you, will prove effective.

You will observe a significant transformation in your Free Fire gameplay, but it is crucial to apply all the settings and tips provided in this post.

Best Headshot Sensitivity for Free Fire in 2024

Sensitivity plays a pivotal role in achieving headshots in Free Fire. Therefore, it is considered one of the most crucial sensitivities you will ever use, and the recommended settings are as follows:

  • General: 98.
  • Red dot: 97.
  • 2x Scop: 100.
  • 4x Scope: 100.
  • Sniper Scope: 100.
  • Free Look: 70.

FF Fire Button Size

The size of the fire button is also crucial for achieving headshots in Free Fire. I will share two sizes with you, but it is recommended to stick with the first size until you have extensively trained with it on all weapons. If, after serious training, the first size doesn't work well for you, then consider changing to the second size.

  • First size: 46
  • Second size: 50

Best DPI for Free Fire on All Phones

The DPI recommended for these settings is suitable for all phones, without encountering any issues. It is set at 580. The Free Fire DPI is considered medium to strong.

Note: I strongly recommend watching the accompanying video. Additionally, for these settings to be effective, it is crucial to practice with them for an entire day and refrain from making any changes. At the very least, stick with the same settings for an extended period if you aim to improve your Aim-Foy skills.

If you decide to make adjustments to the headshot settings in Free Fire, limit the change to the fire button size, setting it to 50, without altering anything else.


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