Top 7 best gun combination in free fire 2022 OB33

free fire best gun combination: Top 7 weapons in 2022

Best gun combination in free fire: Choosing the right weapon combo is very important in winning the game at Free Fire. Here are the top 7 more effective groups in OB33.

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best gun combination in free fire

Top 7 best gun Combos  in free fire 2022 OB33

At Free Fire, all players can carry two main weapons. This is a great improvement on ordinary shooters where there is only one weapon and a pistol. Therefore, getting the best and most versatile download is the key to winning the game.

In this article, the Number1 player will showcase the top 7 gun combinations in Free Fire OB33.

It works perfectly alongside the MAG-7, a mobile gun that can quickly release blast damage. Unlike the M1887, its 8-bullet magazine has a greater margin of error.

1. Parafal + Mag-7

Parafal is AR with higher damage compared to other weapons in the same category. Furthermore, it also has a longer range and higher speed of movement, allowing users to be more mobile.

2. Scar + MP40

This combination is probably the easiest to get and use, as both guns are common eggs. SCAR is the easiest weapon for beginners in Free Fire, with decent damage, low recoil and high fire rate. Any player can use it without a big problem.

Looks like an Mp40 - it's the fastest shooting weapon in the game and very easy to use nearby.

3. Woodpecker + M1887

Woodpecker is a powerful shooters rifle with significant damage and penetrating shields. It is effective at all stages of the game, with the ability to eliminate opponents regardless of armor. The shooting rate is also higher than the usual sniper rifle.

M1887 is an ideal weapon to complete woodpecker because it can also penetrate shields. Its strength in close-up combat allows players to deal with most situations..

4. AK + M1014

This narrative covers both the medium to long-range and the near quarter, with AK with a huge range of 72. If you're good at sniping and managing to get a 4x range, the sniping potential in AK is pretty much above the top.

The M1014 is an automatic rifle that can handle a lot of damage at close range. Players can use it to clear buildings and camping corners. these are one of the best gun combination in free fire 2022.

5. Groza + VSS

Groza weapon, is probably the best AR in the game, with a high rate of damage, range, and fire. However, its high bounce can be a problem, especially in medium- and long-range combat. You can lose the target that way. However, VSS can deal with this problem - players can switch to it to finish enemies.

6. AWM + Kord

This is a fairly decent narrative to use if you and your team are defending a site or shooting from a point of view. While AWM is just a run-off-the-mill sniper rifle, Kord is a new special weapon with the ability to fire 3 bullets at the same time while bending. The probability of gun damage is insanely high.

best gun combination in free fire 2022, free fire best gun combos, ff best weapons.

7. SKS + M4A1

SKS Gun, contains high damage in ff but a low fire rate, making it difficult to finish damaged targets. The M4A1 can certainly handle this problem easily, as it has a similar 79 range.

When it comes to close-range battles, the M4A1 is also reliable, as it has a high shooting rate.

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