Free Fire Weapons All Sniper Rifles in 2023 - Sniper Guns

In this article, I'm gonna share with you all sniper rifles in free fire, Explained for All Players. also, you will know more details about each sniper gun in the game.

List of Sniper Rifles in Free Fire
List of Sniper Rifles free fire

List of Sniper Rifles in Free Fire 

Sniper rifles, are consistently an extraordinary get for Garena Free Fire players. They give you a tremendous benefit in long-range combat with the capacity to kill the enemies one tap.

Free Fire offers players a grouping of weapons to use on the front line. These guns are partitioned into different classifications like SMGs, ARs, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, and then some. Every division has its particular employments.

Sniper Rifles in free fire, are one of the most weapons used in the game. but players have to be careful when using them. 

but A few players don't know the best sniper in free fire, in addition to the number of sniper guns in free fir, their portrayals, details, attachments, and more. so that is what I'm going to share with you.


let's get starting with M82B, This is by a wide margin the most remarkable weapon in the game, time frame. The M82B Sniper is a monster of a weapon, that is just found by a fortunate not many in drops. 

Free fire M82B sniper gun

You can undoubtedly a single shot foe, obliterate gloo dividers, bring down vehicles, and arrangement harm like a tank. 

What separates this sniper rifle from others in Free Fire is the gun mechanics. In contrast to the next two snipers.

the M82B is a programmed sniper. This means, there is no manual action component to manage in addition to you getting two additional projectiles in the magazine also. 

Something else that is extraordinary with regards to this gun is the absence of connections. Just the silencer connection can be added to the M82B, which is great. You shouldn't be watching out for connections for improving this gun work. 

Like any game would add conditions to even the best weapon, the M82B has its cutoff points. It's heavier than the other two snipers, so your development speed will get decreased when utilizing it. 

A straightforward answer for that is changing to one or the other scuffle or another gun while moving. Its pace of fire is actually as old as other two guns, yet it's the infiltration power that separates it. 

In Free Fire this gun has shield infiltration of 67 which is the most elevated of any gun. That converts into strict obliteration. M82B best sniper rifle in free fire in clash squad.

  • Damage: 90.
  • Range: 85.
  • Rate Of Fire: 27.
  • Reload Speed: 41.
  • Magazine: 8.
  • Movement Speed: 55.
  • Accuracy: 90.
  • Armor Penetration: 67.


This is likely the second-best sniper rifle in free fire. AWM as a rifle is likely the main gun that has been found in numerous games. From CS:GO to PUBG to Free Fire, this is an incredible gun with a ton of gaming family behind it. 

In free fire game, the AWM isn't quite as amazing as it has been in different games. To the extent gun mechanics go, this is only a more changed variant of Kar98k. 

free fire AWM sniper gun

You can add some more connections to it like the drawn-out magazine to expand its shot limit. Past that, you will get a quicker rifle activity on the AWM than on the Kar98k and somewhat more reach. 

In addition to other things, you additionally get some slight advantages of utilizing this gun. In the game settings, you can find the choice of AWM killing where you ought to choose the "Hold Fire to Scope" choice. 

This setting will help you a ton in speedy perusing adversaries, which is particularly valuable in Clash Squads game mode. It's a given yet fast perusing with the AWM is much more fun.

All Elite Passes Bundle in free fire.

  • Damage: 90.
  • Range: 91.
  • Rate Of Fire: 27.
  • Reload Speed: 34.
  • Magazine: 5.
  • Movement Speed: 65.
  • Accuracy: 90.
  • Armor Penetration: 0.

• Kar98K

Kar98k Sniper, the most un-leaned toward and likely the most utilized sniper rifle. Kar98k is a firearm that is to some degree effortlessly found on each guide of Free Fire. Assuming there was a sniper that fundamentally takes care of business, it is this one. 

In the game, the Kar98k an exceptionally helpful need, and that is getting you an apparatus for long reach. This is the place where the weapon mechanics of the game beginning becoming possibly the most important factor.

In straightforward terms, SMGs are ideal for short proximity battles. They fire speedy and quick, managing a sizable amount of harm to the adversary. 

free fire Kar98k Sniper weapons

AR Guns, are incredible for medium to some degree since a long time ago went battle if you have an extension on. They shoot slower, however more impressive adjusts and are ideal for a wide range of players. 

Sniper rifles are extraordinary for long-reach shots and Kar98k is an ideal pattern for it. 

The sniper accompanies an essential barebones arrangement. It has an 8x Scope and can be utilized to complete two things. One is going after foes that are very a long way from you and the other is spotting. 

Obviously, you don't have to consistently go after each player you spot. You likewise need the data of what's going on around you and that 8x proves to be useful. What likewise works for this sniper is the way that it's anything but a dropped weapon

What conflicts with this firearm is its gradualness. It is an agonizing sniper rifle to utilize when contrasted with the AWM and M82B.

  • Damage: 90.
  • Range: 84.
  • Rate Of Fire: 27.
  • Reload Speed: 27.
  • Magazine: 5.
  • Movement Speed: 65.
  • Accuracy: 90.
  • Armor Penetration: 0.

This article was about Free Fire Weapons All Sniper Rifles in 2023 - Sniper Guns.


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