Best 5 emotes in free fire in 2021 after booyah day event

Top five Awesome emotes in free fire 2021

In this article, I’ll share with you the 5 best emotes in Garena free fire in 2021, after the booyah day event.

Best 5 emtes in free fire in 2021 after booyah day event
best emotes free fire

Since their introduction in Garena Free Fire, emotes have risen in popularity among the game's players. Every special event brings new emotes to the majority of players that can afford to spend diamonds on in-game stuff.

Most of these events introduce new features to Free Fire, such as emotes. The most recent Booyah Day event also included a new legendary emote, "Dribble King," which was teased in the teaser.

5. Dribble King

The Booyah Day top-up event, which required participants to spend 500 diamonds, introduced Dribble King. They could earn the newest legendary emote in Free Fire after receiving the 500-diamond boost.

Dribble King emotes in free fire
Dribble King emotes in free fire

Dribble King's animation shows the character repeatedly bouncing the ball to demonstrate their basketball dribbling talents.

Although the emote is currently unavailable in the game, players can check out the Booyah Day calendar.

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4. Tea Time

Tea Time is a fan-favorite expression in Free Fire, and it's one of the game's best animations.

It has excellent visual effects, and the animation shows the appearance of a blue chair and table. The in-game character then sits down and takes a sip of tea.

3. Make It Rain

Money Heist was one of the best collaborations Garena has had in the past because it offered a profusion of products to Free Fire. The emote Make It Rain was one of the items included into the game as a result of the notorious partnership.

The emote's animation depicts the figure taking out a cash bundle and folding it into a Chinese fan (shan). After that, the character throws the cash notes into the air as if it were raining money.

2. Ground Punch

Ground Punch is a new emote introduced by Garena as part of the Emote Party 2021. It has some really cool special effects that depict the in-game character gaining strength.

The character launches a powerful punch to the ground after reaching the saturation point of the charge. With a purple Cobra VFX, it creates an electrifying impression.

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1. Mythos Four

Due to its incredibly distinctive special effects, Mythos Four was introduced in the Emote Party 2021 and is one of the most gorgeous emotes in Free Fire.

The in-game figure cracks rock with a sword in the VFX. Four mythological holograms arise as it shatters into fragments.

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