How to improve headshot accuracy and movements in free fire - best sensitivity in 2021

How to improve headshot accuracy and movements in free fire

if you are bad on headshot in free fire, and you looking for How to improve headshot accuracy in free fire.

in Addition to how to improve movements, with the best free fire sensitivity in 2021. 

that's what I'm going to share with you in this article. and the goal is make you to become the number 1 player.

best sensitivity settings in free fire for headshot

To effectively kill any enemy in free fire headshot, players need to aim for their head to smite maximum damage. but, this can be a difficult task if the proper Headshot techniques and gun are not used.

Sensitivity settings, play an important role in determining the performance of Free Fire matches. To ascertain headshot accuracy,  players in  free fire can change their sensitivity settings for the best to get great results. 

Best Free Fire sensitivity in 2021

to improve your headshot accuracy in Free Fire, you can apply this Sensitivity in the game:

• General: 100.

• Red Dot: 95 to 100.

• Scope 2x: 80 to 95.

• Scope 4x: 90.

• Sniper Scope: 50.

• Free Look: 50 to 75.

• dpi: 520 to 960.

• fire button: 45 or 53 or 60.

These sensitivity settings, don't mean they're perfect and will work with everyone because the style of players is different from person to person.

 But you can start with these settings and try to adjust them if they don't work well with you.

Or you can apply these settings and then go into the training mode, and start experimenting with them and rehearsing them so that they're suitable for your style of play.

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how to improve your movements in free fire

When your game moves are fast and well controlled, your aim will improve strongly. And in Free fire there are some characters with special abilities, that will help you increase the accuracy of the shots

D - bee character in free fire, is a good choice for beginners. This is because its negative power,  but it improves the accuracy of their shots by 10% and its mobility by 5%. 

when the player shoots in motion. Because it's a negative skill, it's a big advantage for Free Fire players who want to work on their Head shot accuracy 

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