how to play free fire squid game mode - mode red light, green light

how to play free fire squid game mode

Free fire, a game rich in a lot of modes Like the Clash Squad mode, and in the new update we have mode of Pet  the idea of that mode has been quoted from the Fall Guys game. and now she added new mode mode red light, green light.

On the 17th of this month, October, a new mod named Red Light Green Light has been quoted from Squid game.

was added. After the huge hype that Squid game has made in the world, everyone is talking about it.

mode squid game

And a lot of games like pubg and Fortnite  did special mode enter the game similar to the show's idea. Garena Free fire also added a new mode on October 17 in the game as it had previously indicated.

so what is squid game? and how to play squid game mode in free fire?.

 What is Squid Game?

Squid Game is a South Korean survival drama television series Written and directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk. The series revolves around a competition involving 456 players.

all drawn from different walks of life, but each in deep debt, playing a series of children's games with lethal penalties if you lose the chance to win a prize of $45.6 billion dollar.

how to play mode red light green light mode

In the red light green light mode, The rivals stand at the starting line. And when the game starts, the contestants start moving forward in order to get to the doll at the finish line and win the booyah. list of all Elite Pass in free fire.

how to get booyah in mode squid game

But winning the Booyah at the Game of Squid in Free fire won't be easy. Because when the game starts and the players start to move forward, there's a doll who talks and sings. Once the doll stops singing, you must stop too quickly.

And anyone who hasn't stopped is shot. That way a lot of competitors die quickly, and winning a booyah is very difficult.

-Top 10 characters in free fire for ranked.

All the players in the mode Game Squid Free fire wear an orange prisoner's knife. And to get to the finish line you have to walk a little bit and then stop. 

And as you move forward, you have to be more careful.the squid game mode is very fun. I recommend you try it. 


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