How to kill any enemy headshot in free fire tips and tricks

how to get headshot in free fire, auto headshot free fire hack
How to kill any enemy headshot in free fire

How to kill enemies headshot in free fire in 2021

one of the most confusing things in free fire is the HEADSHOT! I used to see Pro YouTubers do it Easily Like Raistar, jack ff, and M8N in free fire, 

And since you reached here I'm sure that it happened to you too. But don't worry, You're in the Right Place, This is the Number 1 player and I will make it to be number one on a headshot.

Because I'm going to tell you all the secrets, tips, and tricks of the headshot in Free fire that professionals keep from you.

types of headshot in free fire

Killing enemies with Headshot in Free fire is one of the things that makes you a professional player because doing so will help you kill enemies quickly and without much harm to you.  So you should find the headshot free fire settings suitable for your phone. Firstly, Keep in Mind that there are 3 types of Headshot

  • Drag Headshot
  • One Tap Headshot
  • Jump Shot

how to get headshot in free fire

Drag Headshot free fireThe success of the technique depends on your AIM, if your Aim in free fire is good then you can do it easily And you will do it Perfectly, But if your Aim isn't that much You will not do it every time Because the first step is to put the aim circle on the enemy or near to him.

to make your Aim better in free fire, and give better headshot probability let the aim sight above the chest of your character.

The second step is to Drag the Aim Button-Down a little Then Drag it up as much as you can, And the result is BOOM Headshot of course it's easy.

Aim to the Enemy -Drag the Aim Button Down -Drag the Aim Button Up, look at the picture.

how to get headshot in free fire, auto headshot free fire

How to kill any enemy headshot Tips

Ever since you follow these steps Correctly All of your shots will become Headshot, and if you don't then you do one of these steps in a wrong way, And it doesn't differ from the Far Range Weapons Aim to Enemy.


when the enemy in free fire, is in close to you Drag the Aim button as much as you can, But when the Enemy is far Drag the Aim Button to the enemy's head not as much as you can But if Drag it too much You will miss the enemy's head.

The reason is that I Drag the Aim Button, too high So you have to Train Yourself in the Training Ground So you can make the right Decision. Depending on how far your enemy is you have to Drag it up too much or just a little.

how to get a professional headshot

There is a little problem you may face when it comes to far-field weapons, Which is that it's hard sometimes to aim on the Far Enemies, The Solution is to Open the Scope then Close it fast, Just Double Click on the Scope Button Then the Aim will be in the Middle of your Enemy, So if the Enemy is Steady You'll Tear his Head Definitely.

If you apply all the steps of this topic carefully You will only Headshot the Steady Enemies, Because they are just Standing waiting to be shot So . What about Moving Enemies?

how to get headshot to Moving Enemy

Don't worry about that with Nu1Player you will get the solution.  If the Enemy is Running to The Right Drag the Aim Button Down to the Left Corner Then Drag it up to the right corner, Cause his Head is there, And Vice Versa.

3 best evo guns in fire.

And the last step is to get into the Free fire training mode and training Drag HeadShot so you can master it.


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