Free Fire World Series 2024 Global Finals Brazil: Garena Confirms Indian Teams

Free Fire World Series 2024 Global Finals: Garena Confirms Indian Teams
Free Fire World Series 2024 Global Finals

Free Fire World Series 2024 Global Finals

The Free Fire World Series 2024 Global Finals is returning to Brazil this November, five years after the first event. This time around, the battle royale mobile game will see 18 teams compete for a hefty prize pool.

Garena also revealed a new roadmap for 2024 that introduces a mid-year global tournament and changes the way regional leagues qualify to the finale. The top teams from FFWS SEA, LATAM, and MEA will be directly invited to the GFWS Global Finals.

Garena confirms Indian teams? participation in FFWS 2024

Garena, the company behind the popular battle royale Free Fire, has announced plans to conduct a global tournament for the game. The 2024 version of the FFWS will feature 18 teams, including those from a new mid-year tournament and a number of regional leagues. The winner of this tournament will get a direct entry into the FFWS Global Finals, increasing the stakes.

The upcoming FFWS will be the sixth iteration of the event and will gather the best 18 teams from around the world to compete for a humongous prize pool. The tournament will also introduce new rules that aim to improve the overall quality of competition.

Aside from the new rules, the upcoming FFWS will see some changes in the structure of the tournament. Traditional regional events will be transformed into FFWS Qualifiers and will include an elimination phase. The finalists will then be tasked with fighting for advantage points in the Point Rush phase.

The FFWS is set to take place in November this year and will be hosted by Brazil. This is a welcome change for the event, which was previously held in Singapore. 

However, the relaunch of FFWS in India has been postponed until further notice. This is due to concerns about the spread of COVID-19 and the country’s strict measures for player safety.

FFWS Brasil

The upcoming Free Fire World Series brazil 2024 Global Finals will take place in Brazil in November. Garena will host 18 teams from across the globe in this event, which features fast-paced survival gameplay and focuses on teamwork. The company has released a teaser video of the tournament, which promises an exciting experience for spectators and players alike.

Free Fire World Series 2024 Global Finals Brazil
Free Fire World Series 2024 Global Finals Brazil

Free Fire is one of the most popular mobile games, and it has a huge fan base in Asia. The game has also made its way to the esports scene and recently joined the Snapdragon Pro Series operated by ESL FACEIT Group. The series has a $400,000 prize pool and features several tiers of competition. Last year, a Brazilian team won the first FFWS Global Finals in Bangkok.

This year, Garena has revamped the Free Fire esports structure and introduced new events to the calendar. These changes could help boost viewership for the event, which has been declining over the past few years. In addition to the FFWS Global Finals, Garena is introducing regional FFWS leagues and a new global tournament in July.

The FFWS Global Finals is expected to have a higher prize pool than previous editions. It will feature eighteen elite teams from around the world, and the winner will receive a share of the prize pool. The tournament will be held in three rounds: the Knockout round, Points Rush, and the Grand Finals. The Knockout round will see teams compete in groups, and the best teams will advance to the Points Rush round where they will earn headstart points.

FFWS Qualifiers

FFWS is the official global tournament for the popular mobile battle royale Free Fire. Garena launched this new esports competition for the game in November 2019, replacing the World Cup tournament that was halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2021, the FFWS returned with a LAN event in Singapore and was held bi-anually. In the Spring edition, EVOS Phoenix from Thailand won the title while Brazil's Magic Squad won the Fall Bangkok event.

The upcoming FFWS 2024 will feature a revamped structure that features regional leagues in key areas of the world. These leagues will determine which teams will make it to the Global Final in November. The top 18 teams from these regions will compete for a massive prize pool.

Brazil will host the Global Final this November, five years after it first hosted the event. Brazilian club Magic Squad seized the title in the Bangkok event last year, highlighting the nation's importance in the worldwide Free Fire community.

While Garena didn't release any details about the upcoming season, the company promised that this will be the biggest FFWS ever. The FFWS will also debut a mid-season tournament and the Global Finals will return as a LAN event. The Free Fire World Series 2024 tournament structure could also include additional tournaments for different regions. Pakistan, for instance, is a major player in the game and is hoping to gain a slot at the November Global Finals.

Free Fire World Series Global Finals 2024

Free Fire World Series 2024 Global Finals Brazil:

Garena recently announced an ambitious roadmap for Free Fire in 2024 that includes a mid-year global tournament, as well as a rebranding of all regional leagues to carry the FFWS title branding. 

In addition, the FFWS will feature a new format this year that will pit 18 teams against each other in an elimination tournament with a single grand champion. The event will also include a slot for Pakistan, a country that was previously excluded from the FFWS because of COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Last year, the FFWS Global Final was held in Brazil after Magic Squad from the country clinched the championship title. The tournament will return to the country this November, five years after its first edition in Rio de Janeiro. The FFWS is the world’s premier battle royale competition, featuring 18 of the top Free Fire teams in an electrifying showdown.

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The FFWS Grand Finals will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, and will be broadcast worldwide on Garena’s YouTube channel. The winning team will win a cash prize of $300,000 USD. 

The second and third place teams will receive $150,000 USD and $65,000 USD respectively. In addition to the grand prize, finalists will earn points toward their FFWS ranking and placement at the end of the season. Each team that wins a match will score 12 points.


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