How to Claim Free Buttercup Dusk Bundle in Free Fire 2024

How to Claim Free Buttercup Dusk Bundle in Free Fire 2024
How to Claim Free Buttercup Dusk Bundle in Free Fire

In this article, we are going to learn How to Claim Free Buttercup Dusk Bundle in Free Fire 2024.

Free Fire Event Buttercup Dusk Bundle

Through community events, Free Fire upholds its tradition of introducing fashionable attire. Developers have started a run of events that offer free collectibles after Valentine's Day. 

One of them is the Better Together event that is still going on, which enables players to get the Buttercup Dusk bundle for nothing. Players must take part in a simple challenge in order to obtain this exclusive bundle, earning valuable rewards along the way.

Details of the Better Together Event

Starting on February 13, 2024, and lasting for an additional 16 days, until February 28, 2024, is the Better Together event. As implied by the name, players are encouraged to work together to unlock fun bonuses during this event.

How to Claim Free Buttercup Dusk Bundle in Free Fire 2024

Gamers are free from limitations on mode selection thanks to the variety of game modes available. The Buttercup Dusk bundle is the event's highlight, but players can also choose to receive 10 Diamond Royale vouchers instead, which is worth almost 200 diamonds.

Event Conditions and Benefits

In order to fully utilize the Better Together event, players must fulfill specific requirements by providing support to their teammates while they are playing. The following are the rewards:

  • Assist six teammates to earn 2000 FF Gold.
  • Assist 12 teammates: Get 4 Gold Royale coupons.
  • Help-Up 18 teammates: Choose between 10 Diamond Royale. coupons or the highly sought-after Buttercup Dusk bundle.

How to Get Your Complimentary Bundle:

To gain entry to the event and obtain the Buttercup Dusk bundle at no cost, take the following actions:

Go into your Free Fire account and launch Free Fire MAX on your device.

Choose a game mode, assemble a group of friends, and help up to 18 teammates to complete the event rewards.

Select 'Better Together' from the event section after navigating there. Celebrate your fruitful partnership by claiming your free awards.

Gold Drop Event Every Day in Free Fire MAX

'Daily Gold Drop' is another event that allows players to earn FF gold in addition to the Better Together event. In Free Fire MAX, FF gold is highly valuable and can be utilized for a number of in-game activities, including shops, luck royales, and gold royale events. 

Players can gain up to 1000 FF gold by taking part in Free Fire matches during this daily event, which gives them more resources for gameplay.

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Players can get special rewards and improve their Free Fire MAX gaming experience y doing these things and participating in the events. 


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