Top 10 Offline Games Like free fire game For Android with Small Size

10 best offline shooting games like Garena Free Fire (2022) in addition to, the best offline games like Free Fire under 500 MB, as well as, offline Android Game like Free Fire.
Offline Games Like free fire game For Android

The 10 best offline games like Garena Free Fire

Best 10 Offline games like FF: If you're a fan of  Free fire, the best shooting game in the world, Or do you like battle royale games, War and Combat. But you're playing with a weak phone and having a Lag in Free fire. 

Or you don't have enough money to ship the Net to play Free fire. if you are looking for the best games offline like Free fire at a small size, in terms of the idea and the way the game is, you're on the best subject.

So I'm going to share a top 10 games offline without internet connection, and a little bit like Free fire in 2024.

1. Battle Destruction

Battle Destruction is another game of "battle royale" where you enter into dramatic confrontations trying to hold out for the last minute. it's one of the best Offline mobile games like free fire game in 2023. you just have to pay close attention to your surroundings and try to find weapons, and other tools that will help you outperform your competitors. Battle Destruction features 3D graphics. 

Unlike other similar games, you don't have to jump off a plane or a hoverboard to start playing. You're gonna have to use a platform, and the same goes for other guys.

After you land your feet on the ground, you and other players, you'll have to try to outperform others and finish the tour victorious. Battle Design has the same gameplay as this type of game. 

Where all you have to do is click on a virtual D-pad to move your hero, while you will have to click on motor buttons to jump or pick things up from the ground, shoot, or engage in direct combat against others.

Battle Destruction is, then, a game of royale loyal to the spirit of this type of game, and does not bring any new in this respect, but it nevertheless presents a great opportunity to play, if you like to face your enemies one by one until you finish the tour victorious.

the size of this game is 96 MB, Battle Destruction is like an offline free fire game.

2. Mass Impact: Battleground

Mass Impact: Battleground is an individual game that allows you to fight in cars at Battle Royal. Each fight takes place on the mysterious island of Impact City, where you and 40 other fairs will search for the best weapons and you will fight for the title of hero.

The game begins to land on the battlefield and players have a few minutes before the island’s security zone begins to shrink. exactly like zone in the free fire.

Offline Games Like free fire game
  • Mass Impact: Battleground game scout, the battlefield, discover all the ambiguous secrets of this island, find the best weapons and become the winners of the Battle of Royale!. A variety of machine guns, rocket launchers, and frozen weapons, will help you win the battle. The equipment is different in quality. Try to find the best! A large number of cars and leather! On each battlefield, you will have a unique car and will always be different from the competitors.
  • A perfect animation will give you a memorable experience, and an excellent optimization will allow you to play even on old smartphones. Collective influence: The battlefield is not just a game. It’s the royal battle!.  
  • The size of this game is 80 MB, Mass Impact: Battleground game it's like free fire offline game.

3. Grand Battle Royale

Gran Battle Royal is a game that comes first-person shooter that borrows the idea of a Garena Free Fire game for mobile devices.. Your goal in this game is to be the last to survive after a great royal battle. This is a battle where you face other players on an island full of all kinds of weapons. But the problem here is that the force field is constantly decreasing, which limits the size of the scene you advance in the game. That is, within five minutes, all the players will have to be in the center of the card...or they will die.

Top 10 Offline Games Like free fire game For Android with a Small Size, also ten best offline shooting games like Garena Free Fire (2022) and, the best offline games like Free Fire under 500 MB, as well as, offline Android Game like Free Fire.

In Grand Battle Royale, you will control your character from an above point of view, using the D-pad on the left of your screen to move and the camera controls on the right. Approach one of the scattered weapons on the island and press the button that appears to retrieve it. You can use different options of pistols, shotguns, automatic weapons, machetes, and even sticks.

Grand Battle Royale is a multiplayer shooter. This is a game that allows you to explore vast settings and deal with dozens of players at the same time. And thanks to its simple graphics, similar to those of Minecraft, it works almost perfectly on all devices.

Grand Battle Royale game size is 131 MB, it resembles free fire offline game.

4. Blood Rivals

Blood Rivals is a royal battle in the first person where you have to try to kill your opponents and come out as the only survivor. Use the huge arsenal of rifles, knives, pistols, axes, and assault rifles. All in 10 minutes.

Offline Games Like free fire game

The controls of Blood Rivals are quite intuitive for this genre. with your joystick on the left and the action buttons on the right. An interesting invention is that you can use some kind of flight packs to make massive jumps. Thanks to this, you can quickly climb to the top of buildings, mountains and landmarks. geography.

As in many royal battles like free fire, in Blood Rivals, you can drive all kinds of vehicles. But not only that - you also get a train that will circle the level, thanks to which you can quickly reach any part of the map. That said, beware of re-running look.

Blood Rivals is a first-person action game that you can play either online against other players or offline against a bot. Plus, you can unlock a lot of content as you earn spins and level up.

5. Firing Squad Fire Battleground

Firing Squad Fire Battleground Shooting Game" one of the great offline Android games like Free Fire that you can try. is an animation game in which a soldier fights for his survival on a huge battlefield full of enemies.

You will always find yourself facing dangerous challenges in this adventure if you want to test your aiming ability and survival skills. You will be transferred in this game to various unknown places. However, you need to know how to make the most of what each battleground has to offer. 

Offline Games Like free fire game

  • Additionally, in each of the battles, you will have to get rid of all the enemies on the battlefield. and remember that they will shoot you whenever they get the chance. Find out where the shots are coming from and dodge them, otherwise, enemies might find you when looking for a better location. All you have to do to shoot is run your finger across the screen until your binoculars are fully pointed at the enemy.
  • And once your enemy is clearly visible, click on the launch button that is at the bottom of your right hand on your monitor. Run, Nauer, fall, and your gun will be returned. There's no time to lose. And to hide from bullets that would shoot you at any time.
  • Your mission will remain the same throughout the game, and you just need to shoot the enemies that shoot you. And every time you land you had better pick up your weapon quickly.

  • otherwise, it's too late and you won't be able to knock back all the enemies. Each weapon you collect is available on a certain number of bullets, and ammo, and does a certain amount of damage.
  •  So, you are going to need to know how you can use this to your advantage. Enjoy the Flying Squad Fire Battleground Shootout Game and have fun on the battlefield while destroying your competition and improving your shooting skills.

6. Shooting Heroes game Features

Shooting Heroes Free-Shooting games" is a new 2D shooter with exciting gunshots, a variety of scenes and a perfect game. The players will discover the ultimate pleasure of the shoot and the perfect time to compete in this fun game.
Offline Games Like free fire game

Shooting Heroes game Features- Goode's perspective, with a variety of experiences in shooting A unique view with 360-degree shooting experience. Say goodbye to the traditional vision and bring a whole new feeling.

Distinct Heroes with Different Features

  1. More than 10 superheroes to choose from, each with distinct skills and attacks. Different matches give the game unique features
  2. Set this with% 1 to%.
  3. Friendly and easy to handle. Move your left hand and pull your right hand. Easy control with great glamour. Well-designed steps and balanced difficulty will provide you with the fashion of your dreams.
  4. High creation with destructive energy
  5. The traditional farming pattern is abandoned because any equipment or skills can be improved or improved with one key. I feel the power to destroy everything.
  6. Several games with different pleasures
  7. The game includes scene mode, arena mode, and endless display mode, each offering a different game experience lasting more than 10 hours.

7. Scarfall

Scarfall is a classic battle royale game like Garena free fire game, where over 50 players are taken to an isle full of weapons, to face death. After about 15 minutes of confrontation, the last surviving player will be declared the winner of the game.

Offline Games Like free fire game

Scarfall game doesn't have any different controls than the rest of Battle of Kings. There is a virtual control stick on the left side of the screen, while the rest of the controls are on the right. 

In addition, you can also customize the controls, choose between shooting manually or automatically, and also how your character wants to pick up items from the ground. Battles in ScarFall play out the same as other Battle of Kings games on Free Fire or PUBG Mobile. You start playing with your parachute at some point on the island and try to collect as many weapons as possible. 

There are dozens of weapons to choose from, including different types of weapons, assault rifles, sniper rifles, pistols, and grenades. In general, Starfall is a battle of kings, that looks a lot like the great Free Fire game. This is an interesting option, especially for players with medium-power devices. Plus, you can play with a first or third-person point of view.

8. Counter Terrorist Special 2020

Are you looking for classic anti-terrorist games in an action pack? Did you want to join the anti-terrorist force? Here you can join the FPS commando team of the US Army and start the battle against the terrorist. 

Offline Games Like free fire game

Play the best survival shooter against terrorism, Special Ops-FPS and show off your epic pistol shooting skills on the battlefield of war and become a professional sniper. the best Special Operations Counter-Terrorist Commando FPS game and win the ultimate battle.

This battle between the terrorist strike force and counter-terrorism. Terrorists are widespread in the area of the US Army where you work to find these terrorists and kill all the terrorists on the scene. Protect your territory from the American Army and fight the bad cops.

This Counter Terrorist Special Ops-FPS shooter is one of the best 3D shooting games in the action genre and is very easy to use. In the weapons selection menu, you can select your best weapon to fight and strike the terrorist.  You are part of the Special Ops-FPS High-Level Shooting Team and will act as a highly trained secret agent assassin in the Counter-Terrorist Special Ops-FPS shooter.

Counter Terrorist Special Features:

  1. Several weapons to play
  2. diverse challenging missions
  3. actual 3D environment
  4. Amazing sound effects
  5. Real-Time Relief Challenge
  6. Easy-to-use control and smooth animations
  7. Military game based on strategy.

9. N.O.V.A Legacy

NOVA. Legacy is a first-person shooter, once still playing Kal Warden, the legendary character of this currently out-of-service Android saga. But with the help of Yelena, who is the character of Cortana de Kal, he will work again to protect the human race from attacks from alien invaders.

Offline Games Like free fire game For Android with Small

  • NOVA  Legacy style of play is typical of this type of game where there is a virtual dashboard on the left to help you move your character and there is another virtual dashboard on the right to help you shoot. On the right of the screen, you will find buttons that you can use to shoot, throw grenades and change weapons. You might as well find pop-up buttons that you can use when you are near certain devices.
  • One of the most important new features of N.O.V.A. The legacy compared to previous versions is the ability to manufacture and diagnose your weapons between levels. By using the things you get as rewards for your successful missions, you can make all kinds of weapons and make all the improvements you want that can help you in the next task.
  • NOVA. Legacy is a game with a personal perspective, and it’s awesome and accessible on touchscreen devices, and it also has amazing graphics and several game settings. It also offers you the possibility to play online against any other player and on special rings.
  • The size N.O.V.A Legacy game is 46 MB, It's like free fire copy game offline. 

10. Infinity Ops: Online FPS

Infinity ops: online fps games one of the famous games like Garena free fire for android, in this game The player will be confronted in the team's battles as classes such as the recruit, the saboteur, the tank, and the attack! Each chapter has its own characteristics and capabilities.

Best10 Offline Games Like free fire game For Android with a Small Size, also great offline Android Games like Free Fire. Moreover, the best offline games like Free Fire under 500 MB, as well as, the ten best offline shooting games like Garena Free Fire (2022).

Infinity Ops Features:

  1. Create your own syndicate and invite other users or friends and spend time in the game together. Also, There's a wide range of weapons available in the game, from assault rifles and plasma to laser machine guns and grenade launchers! Each weapon has its own unparalleled characteristics.
  2. In Addition to Using a personal aviator to conduct faster and more efficient combat operations. moreover Fantastic 3D graphics: 3D excellent detail and map modeling.

This article was about the Top 10 offline games Like free fire game for android with a small size in 2023. 


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