Top 15 offline mobile games for Android & iOS in 2024

This article is about the best 15 offline mobile games in 2024 for Android & iOS.

best offline mobile games
best offline mobile games

15 best offline phone games in 2023 for Android & iOS

Whatever happened to the good old days when you could play a video game while sitting on the toilet on an airplane. it seems like nowadays every single game needs an internet connection, but that's not exactly true and I'm here to prove it. 

Hey, what's up guys this is the Number 1 player,  today I'm back with 15 High Graphics offline games, that you can play anywhere anytime with no internet connection whatsoever.

Note: this is part 2 of top offline mobile games. also read part 1 of top offline mobile games.

15. Paperly: Paper Plane Adventure

number 15 Paperly paper plane adventure. This was a nice casual flight simulation game. the gameplay is very simple you've got a flyer in the paper plane through diverse places without crashing. the game uses the low poly gone art style so I played it and the only downside is it is a bit short on content currently. there are only 8 different scenes with each level playing very similarly. in addition, paper Lee has 8 paper planes to unlock all in all it's a decent game with Q. Polly gonna graphics and it controls.

14. Still Here

Number 14 is still here. This one's a funding beautiful fantasy 2 one of the best no wifi games. still, here exploration game for players to fly around in venture out wandering through each level as a tiny creature named hip asked if you explore beautiful natural settings well lending a hand to quirky artificial beings well you dig out.

The truth about what really happened early in the game is you encounter many interesting things, like animals beautiful scenery, and some stories waiting for the players to explore. overall it's a good game and it's free so you should try.

13. Invention 3 Zombie Survival

Number 13 invention 3 zombie survival. This is a very exciting offline shooting survival game now. I'm a sucker for a survival zombie game like this in, this one you got plan your route forward wisely you gotta find supplies and use weapons to eliminate the horrible zombies.

Now the cons about this game are. there are no levels no bus lines but I do have to say the game which is only 150 megabytes in size offers good graphics and an open world and all in all it exceeded my expectations.

12. Forklift extreme

Number 12 forklift extreme 3 D. Now this one is addictive it's a fun game of forklifts simulation where you play the part as an extreme professional forklift operator which is the job I didn't know I needed until now so the game is simple as a forklift operator you have to transport cargo containers and pallet crates from one location to the other with speed and accuracy without damaging them so all in all forklift extreme 3 D. is challenging and fun the controls the game feel especially accurate and very good. 

11. Truck Trials 2.5

Number 11 truck trials, one of the top offline ios games.  for this one we got another driving simulator for this one you gotta drive your truck on undulated surfaces and your main objective is to complete each level in last time the game features a total of more than 60 levels and they're all full of obstacles puzzles and challenges also you gotta get through dangerous sections of the track by avoiding ingenious traps and driving safely without any damage the game also has a small open-world map you can drive your truck freely overall the game as good graphics and easing controls.

10. Sundel Bolong Revenge

Number 10 Sundell belongs revenge. This was a horror full-fledged 3 D. first-person action game in it you play someone who's trapped in a haunted house in the house you encountered the ghost Sundell belong who took revenge for his death the main objective of the game is obviously to get out of the haunted house and you do this you gotta check many different rooms in search for hidden objects like keys to doors or tools to break them open because if you get caught you die. 

9. Stick With It

Number 9 stick with. This was an arcade game where you get to control the sticky and squishy ball through multiple settings in the game the controls are incredibly simple but the gameplay is hard yeah I usually try to rethink it looks easy by the way one of the best things about stick with it is that the game's physics let your character stick to the walls it's a huge help when it comes to climbing walls or making jumps. 

8. Evochron Mobile

Number 8 ever Chrono bile. This was an open-world space you're fighting game in the vast universe so your mission is to find space resources trade for profit and reach new planets the game offers more than 30 airships to choose from an upgrade when you enter the game you become a talented astronaut and that means you get to explore a vast and beautiful galaxy the game play is scalable and the difficulty selection is based on your location. 

7. Downhill

Number 7 downhill smash. This was a noble racing game where you discover unique cars with epic shooting styles in it you have to run away from the constant avalanche greens and also the appearance of legions of zombies so when the game you have to design fictional vehicles to use in battles along with that the appearances on bees all over the map will definitely bring more excitement than ever you got a sample of your cars from individual parts driving straight into battle and destroy enemies in fiery racing scenes. 

6. World of Guns

Number 6 world of guns so a lot of the time when you're playing any competitive game and you have to kill many players with the help of an A. K. 47 SMG or with the sniper gun and you must have wanted at some point in time how did these guns work well the answer is in this game world of guns.

in the simulation slash puzzle game that essentially puts a firearm in your hands and allows you to study everything about it from the looks of it to the inner workings and all the moving parts that work within it the game itself features hundreds of guns. You have 4 different extreme modes where you can focus on inner workings and see how the specific gun functions also the game offers different vehicles and a lot of different things to disassemble overall the game is simply incredible. I highly recommend you check it out.

5. Gunfire: Endless Adventure

Number 5 gunfire endless adventure. This one's a roguelike FPS game where you have to kill different types of mobs in the dungeon the project also accommodate elements from RPG and bagels so every time you get a random room at the end of which there is a chest with skills to choose from the game shines in terms of gameplay and interface personally.

I really like the game you get a lot of weapons for free and shoot down the giant monsters in the game which is really awesome also the game is more than 10 mysterious scenes and 40 shooting weapons which make this game better.

4. Fork N Sausage

Number 4 fork n Sausage. All if you love songs these then you'll definitely like to play this game it's a Q. cartoonist style puzzle game where you can test your skills just by forking your sausage in the game you control your sausage and try to move or jump over the floor it's not that kind of challenging for you to play this game.

But it's not that easy either you'll enjoy yourself along during the process of completing all the tasks one by one also each level is designed in a creative way and there are different types of obstacles which make this game more challenging and tricky. 

3. El Hijo

Number 3 . El hijo wild west tales. This was an interesting stealth puzzler set in the wild west in Mexico where you're a 6-year-old boy who was brought to a monastery buys desperate mom your task is to escape the monastery and find your mother to do so.

you got a sneak past all the adults in reach the level exit on your way you can find of the kids and play with them or hide in many places all in all it's a great game the art level design art direction and music are exceptional.

2. Guardians of Ancora

Number 2 guardians of Angkor us. That's when the fun as big parkour adventure game where players after running jump roll and slide their way through the stories of the Bible where the meat cheeses and experience the miracles he performed there are 6 different guardians to choose from and 11 quest the best thing about this game is it's free to play with no adverts or in app purchases, all in all, it's a good game with decent graphics and good controls.

1. Sonic Racing

Number one sonic racing. is one of the best offline phone games, As you guess from the title this is the sonic the hedgehog themed car racing game featuring single-player and multiplayer modes after you select one of the 15 characters.

you can participate in races using sports cars and during the race, you can collect power-ups set traps and attack your competitors all-wheel driving at high speeds there's a total of 15 tracks in each of them is split across 5 zones.

 you can also play offline and online which is a great thing about this game overall this game has no microtransactions and everything can be unlocked by just playing the game. 

All right guys, these are the 15 best online games so you can play them no matter where you're at without an internet connection.

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