How to get cheap for diamonds and rewards in free fire 2022

Best way to get free cheap for diamonds in free fire

This article is about How to get cheap Free Fire diamonds and rewards in 2022, The best way to get diamonds cheap in Garena free fire.

Best way to get free cheap for diamonds in free fire
free fire diamonds in 2022

Diamonds and Gold are the two basic in-game currencies in Free Fire. Both have their own applications. The former, on the other hand, is required by players in order to obtain the game's exclusive stuff.

Because not everyone can purchase diamonds, people seek out ways to get a better bargain and receive the same at a lower cost. Weekly and monthly memberships are among the different possibilities available to them.

Free fire  Diamonds guide to getting cheap in 2022

Garena has updated the Membership system to include new perks and prizes, as well as a bigger quantity of diamonds. As a result, when compared in terms of pricing, it became a better alternative than the standard top-up in the game.

The following are the details that users can get when purchasing one of the two options: Weekly and Monthly:

Weekly Membership

  • Diamonds: There are 450 diamonds in total (100 instantly, 350 diamonds as daily check-in, i.e., 50 diamonds daily).
  • Other benefits/rewards include a special weekly member icon, discounted store privileges, a Universal EP Badge (8), and a Second Chance (Used for missed check-in days).
  • Price: INR 159.

Monthly Membership

  1. Diamonds: There are 2600 diamonds in Total (500 instantly, 2100 diamonds as daily check-in, i.e., 70 diamonds daily).
  2. Other benefits and prizes include a unique monthly member icon, discounted store privileges, Second Change (5), Universal EP Badge (60), and a Weapon Skin Gift Box.
  3. The cost is INR 799.

Users will also receive the benefits of Super VIP Membership if they purchase both Monthly and Weekly memberships at the same time.

How to purchase a membership in free fire

Following All these steps to buy a membership in free fire easy and quickly:

Step 1: Players must first open Free Fire on their smartphones and tap the 'Membership' icon.

Step 2: This will take gamers to the 'Membership' tab, where they can select the appropriate membership and pay for it. as shown in the image below:

Step 3: After the purchase has been completed successfully, users can begin to enjoy the Membership's benefits. 

this article was about how to get free fire diamonds cheap and rewards in 2022. read also: release date of OB32 update advance server.


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