Best 5 Characters in Free Fire You Can Buy With Gold in 2023

This article is about: some of the best free fire characters (five). that you can purchase by using Gold in-game store in 2023.

5 Best Free Fire Characters You Can Buy With Gold in 2022
best 5 characters in ff to buy with gold

5 Best Free Fire Characters You Can Buy With Gold

Many characters in the in-game store can now be purchased with Gold rather than Diamonds, thanks to a recent change made by Free Fire. This is a significant change for free-to-play players.

as they will now have more character combinations to choose from. In this article, we will compile a list of the best Free Fire characters to buy right now with gold.

1. Jota

Jota is one of the best characters for players who prefer to play aggressively. His ability heals you whenever you deal damage to an enemy or use your gun to kill one. With Jota, you will be able to maintain a high level of health after each battle.

2. Luqueta

5 Best Free Fire Characters You Can Buy With Gold in 2022
Luqueta free fire

In a recent update, Luqueta received a significant buff. He now has the ability to gain up to 50 Max HP. With each kill, he gains 25 maximum HP. Having 250 Max HP gives you a significant advantage over other players in combat, provided you have enough resources to heal to full HP.

3. Moco

Moco is one of the most commonly used Free Fire characters in tournaments because she is so versatile. For 5 seconds, her skill can track the location of the enemy you hit. If she is Awaken, the skill can last up to 11 seconds, which is ridiculously long.

4. Maxim

Maxim is yet another powerful free-to-play character who can be used in almost any skill combo in Free Fire. His ability allows you to consume healing items more quickly. This means you can heal yourself quickly in a fight and easily outside of the blue zone.

5 Best Free Fire Characters You Can Buy With Gold in 2022
Free fire Maxim

5. Miguel

Miguel gains 90 EP for every kill, which is a significant amount of HP regen. In addition, his ability can be greatly enhanced when combined with A124 to make use of those extra EPs during combat. 

this topic was about top 5 characters in free fire for free you can buy it by Gold in 2023. Also read: FF OB32 update Release date.


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