All New Advance Server features in OB32 update in free fire 2023

This article is about all Advance Server OB32 update features in free fire all you need to know and more.

free fire advance server ob32
free fire advance server ob32

Free fire advance server features  ob32

Free Fire players will be aware of the Advanced Server, which is a test server that is deployed before each major update to the game. It's mostly used to check for faults and issues in forthcoming developments.

The OB32 Advance Server, which started on January 6th, will be shut down today, January 13th. Fans were able to test out a range of new features, such as a new pet and weapon.

Free fire Advance Server OB32 all best features

Users were allowed to test out the following key features in the Free Fire OB32 Advance Server:

1. Changes in settings

A number of adjustments have also been made to the game's settings, particularly under the 'Auto Pickup' area. The makers have included a priority option, which may be quite useful in battle royale games since it makes it simpler for players to get certain ammo.

Free fire Advance Server OB32 all best features

2. Flash – New Pet

Steel Shell is a special talent that Flash possesses. At the initial level, the flash pet prevents damage from behind by 10% through bullets and FF Knife, up to 100 points. After then, there is a 150-second cooldown.

The decrease increases to 50 points after you achieve the maximum level. In addition, the cooldown has been shortened to 90 seconds.

3. New Shotgun - Charge Buster

Another item that drew gamers' attention in the Advance Server was the Charge Buster Shotgun. It has a unique feature in that players may charge the weapon by holding down the fire button, increasing its range and damage. In addition, the spread gets narrowed.

Free fire Advance Server OB32 all best features

4. New music section and UI change

The UI has been constantly updated by the developers in order to deliver the greatest possible experience for players. They've added a 'Collection' part to the 'Vault,' as well as a 'Music' section where users can choose their favorite song or theme.

5. New Fitting Room

Cosmetic goods like as costumes and skins are popular among Free Fire gamers. The Fitting Room is a unique feature that such users would appreciate because it allows them to construct predetermined templates. With a simple click, they may rapidly equip the appropriate one.

Free fire Advance Server OB32 all best features

Note: Before the final release, the developers may alter features from the Advance Server. 


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