Top 5 best New Free Fire emotes released in 2021

Free fire best 5 emotes that were newly released in 2021

Emotes are a big part of Free Fire, and gamers spend a lot of diamonds to get rare ones. They're a great way for players to express themselves on the battlefield, and they're frequently used to show dominance or mock opponents.

New emotes, are frequently added to the game as part of a series of events or directly to the store by the creators. In the year 2021 alone, dozens of new ones were added to the game.

Garena Free Fire takes a unique approach and employs a one-of-a-kind continuous interaction technique. This is why the game is so well-known among gamers.

Emotes allows users to communicate in the doorway or in the fighting zone, in addition to other features such as pets and characters.

A couple of the performers have been exposed to the game through packs or events where players may purchase and use them. In any event, this page does not contain any emotes from specific occasions, but rather lists the best 5 Emotes that were newly released in 2021, which players can purchase. In 2021, 

1. Obliteration

As a result of the game's relationship with the Japanese superhero franchise earlier this year, Saitama's hallmark technique, Obliteration, was included in Free Fire. The emote is one-of-a-kind and was only available in the store for 599 diamonds for a limited period.

2. Hadouken

On this list, Hadouken is ranked second. It is a special move from the Street Fighter games, as players who have played them would know.

Along with the Ryu and Chun Li Bundle, the emote was available during the Free Fighter Wish event. It's in a class by itself, and one of the best albums released this year simply because it's the result of a fantastic partnership.

3. Mythos Four

Mythos Four was added to the Rampage Ascension event in Free Fire. The Mythos Four emote was part of the prize pool and did not require users to collect any special tokens. Upon activating the emote, the character uses a sword to break a rock and a dragon emerges behind the character.

4. Stage Time

Although it has already been made available in other areas, the Emote Party event brought Stage Time to the Indian server. In the 5th Super Draw, players were guaranteed this emoticon, and as a result, numerous players already have it.

5. Ground Punch

The Ground Punch emote was launched in late February 2021 as part of Cobra Top Up II, where players had to buy a total of 500 diamonds in addition to the other two incentives to get the emote. The character charges up and then smashes the ground in this emote's animation. A cobra emerges from the player's hand as a result.

If you own one of these Emotes in your account in free fire. share her name with us in the comments below. Plus the name of the best Free fire emotes for you.

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