Best Headshot Settings in free fire for Samsung Galaxy A11,A12 in 2022

setting free fire sensibility, hud, and dpi samsung a11, a12
Free fire headshot settings

best free fire settings for Samsung A11and A12 

 Garena Free Fire is one of the best online games that you can play it on your Smartphone. free fire got the best game online for android and iPhone in 2020. 

Maybe the main reason for this is that Free Fire is a game that works on all smartphones. Starting with weak phones with 1 ram.

But if you want to become a professional player in Free Fire, Especially in killing enemies by Headshot, you must find the appropriate settings for your phone.

and in this article, I will share with you the best Headshot setting free fire for Samsung Galaxy, A11, A12. Sensitivity, Fire button size, and DPI in 2022.

Free fire setting for Samsung Galaxy A11

these are some Specifications of the Samsung Galaxy A11, that you should know.

  • phone name: Samsung Galaxy A11.
  • Internal storage: 32GB.
  • RAM: 2GB.
  • Processor: Snapdragon 450.
  • CPU/frequency: Octa-Core 1.8Ghz. 
  • GPU graphics: Adreno 506.
  • Operating system: Android 10.
  • Release date: May 2020.

Best sensitivity and dpi for Samsung A11

  • General: 93.
  • Red Dot: 100.
  • 2× Scope: 100.
  • 4× Scope: 100.
  • Free Look: 70.
  • Sniper Scope: 100.
  • Graphic: Standard.
  • High FPS: High.
  • Fire Button: 49.
  • DPI: 799.

FF headshot settings  for Samsung Galaxy A12

First, I would Like to give you some information about Galaxy A12.

  • phone name: Samsung Galaxy A12.
  • Internal storage: 32/64/128 GB.
  • RAM: 3/4/6 GB.
  • Processor: Mediatek Helio P35.
  • CPU/frequency: Octa-core 2.35 GHz. 
  • GPU graphics: PowerVR GE8320. 
  • Operating system: Android 10.
  • Release date: 01/11/2021.

List of All AR guns in free fire.

Free fire best dpi and sensitivity for Samsung A12

  • General: 98.
  • Red Dot: 100.
  • 2× Scope: 100.
  • 4× Scope: 100.
  • Free Look: 70.
  • Sniper Scope: 65.
  • Graphic: Smooth.
  • High FPS: High.
  • Fire Button: 45.
  • DPI: 900.

These are the best free fire headshot settings Samsung a11, Samsung a12 after the new update, I wish it works well With you, And doesn't forget to share with us the settings you play with us in the comments.


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